Things to Learn from Philip Ardagh

500Philip Ardagh is a renowned writer in residence. His writing entertains children. He is famous for his wonderful humorous writing. When he was asked how he would react when his friend asked him to review his/her writing, he gave a brilliant answer. He told that he would ask few minutes for reading the book. After time has elapsed, he would see the conclusion and appreciate his friend that they have written an excellent. This way, the friendship would always be strong. There is no chance for defeat.

philip-ardaghHe appreciates Michael Rosen. He says he is the real hero for children’s poetry. He added that Michael Rosen possesses certain remarkable characteristics. It includes boundless enthusiasm, an amazing smile, a magnificent mind and crazy eyes. He also added that Michael Rosen has the talent of getting into child’s head through his writings. He did easily without any surgical training. He has the talent to write poems, simple rhymes and stories for children. He can easily enter into children’s pretty world and write all kinds of stuff.

Philip Ardagh feels impressed with Michael Rosen’s writings and the way he expresses his words in form of poem or story. If you want to write realistic dialogue, it is best to keep reading Philip Ardagh’s books and stories. You can get lot of ideas to write dialogue.

In most of his books, the conversations are simple and up to the point. It is easy understood by children. It is the reason children love to read his books. He writes exactly how children think and imagine. He adds sufficient humorous words to make them smile while reading. His stories have exciting and impressive character. It is mostly unique and unusual. The characters remain apt to the background. When you see his stories in minute manner, you will find the same titles in most of his books. The illustrations are awesome.

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