The Most Inspiring Places for a Writer

the-most-inspiring-places-for-a-writerThere are instances when even the best writers couldn’t write a word. It happens when the writer isn’t inspired. If you aspire to be a great writer, you need to explore the world and find the best places that could inspire you. Here are some of them.

1. Library

It might sound like a cliché, but the library is in fact the perfect spot for writers. It is quiet and there are rules observed. People work independently. Should you need resources to improve your work, you can easily pick them up on the shelves. Some libraries even allow people to sleep. If you need a break after forcing yourself to think hard, then feel free to do so.

2. Your backyard

You don’t even have to leave your house to get inspired. Who would not feel great being on their backyard while feeling the breeze of the wind blowing on their face on a nice sunny afternoon while seated on a comfortable wicker chair or even on an air mattress? Every writer must have an area at home for them to get inspired. Your backyard could be your sweet spot. Why not put up a tent or build a fort and get the best air mattress for camping so it’s nice in comfy in your zone?

3. Train

You might have heard of the Amtrak residency program where aspiring writers get free tickets just to sit on a train and write. The train has all the elements to make you feel inspired. To begin with, you get that feeling of excitement. Traveling long distances by land and not knowing what to expect along the way is a great feeling. You might meet strangers whom you will learn something from. You can just be on your couch while staring at the beauty of nature. Before you know it, you have already created the best words to produce a masterpiece.

4. Beach

Everyone loves to be on the beach. Not everyone comes to the beach to work though. As a writer, it is a perfect spot to come up with something amazing. You feel relaxed. You can just sit on the shore while feeling the breeze on your face and touching the sand with your feet. You see people doing tons of different activities. You can learn from everything you see, touch and feel.

5. Anywhere outdoors

Do you feel proud every time you accomplish something that is seemingly impossible outdoors? For instance, you might have finished a 5-hour long trek or climb a steep mountain. For sure, you have something to write about these experiences. Dare to try the impossible and go beyond your boundaries. The outdoors has a lot to offer and as a writer, it is for you to explore.

Hopefully, you will get inspired to write better as you head to these places.

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