Biography and Life of Philip Ardagh

philip-ardagh (1)Philip Ardagh was born in the year 1961. He is a popular children’s book author. In the early 1980’s, he was working as a writer in a leading advertising agency. Philip Ardagh has also worked as librarian, hospital cleaner and reader for blind people. One of the honorable awards received by Philip Ardagh is Luchs prize award in the year 2003 in Germany. He has written nonfiction like ‘History’s great inventors’ for young readers.

philip-ardagh-russell-brandPhilip Ardagh has written lots of children’s book. It is said he has written more than sixty books. He has translated his book into twenty-five languages to make it accessible for people around the world. When you read his nonfiction books, he would have chosen topics like archaeology and history. Philip Ardagh is famous for his two popular books ‘Unlively exploits’ and ‘Eddie Dickens.’ These are two famous serious that made his renowned overnight.

Philip Ardagh is filled with authorial whispers and off the wall comedy. It was said that he has the combination of Charles Dickens and Monty Python. He grew up with his brother. He was sent to a private school during his adolescent. He was looking small almost like a beanpole during his young age. He was not interested much about sports but bookish. He remained as an easy target for other kids to tease and make fun. He was made fun by kids of his same age groups. While mingling with them, he developed an excellent sense of humor. He learned to tease and make jokes from others. He was interesting in knowing about how each thing work. He explored the working procedure of archaeological sites to castles. His story got published in a school magazine. It was the time he came to know that he has an excellent flare for writing. He wrote a short story on monster.

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