Three Authors Give Ideas to Write Children’s Book

CZgyCoUWAAAvWXfIt is not a simple task to write children’s book. You have to do sufficient research and gather knowledge before starting to write. Most authors who pen down funny books are always popular in the industry. They get instant recognition and remain famous for years. Nowadays, children enjoy reading funny books. They do not wish to read serious forms. Three famous children’s authors – Laura Dockrill, Cressida Cowell and Philip Ardagh share interesting tips and information on how to write a children’s book.

Mum reads the book to the children 2

Philip Ardagh commented that he enjoys listening to stories before writing a book. He usually says to other people what he is going to write before starting a new book. He added that children’s have excellent listening talent. Moreover, they have the softest brains. They do not know the difference between bad literature and good literature. He knows what children like and pens stories accordingly.

He added that Philip Pullman inspired him to write children’s stories. He has shared a great secret behind writing for children. When you write for children, you have lots of freedom. You would not have that freedom when you write for adults. You can try new tricks and creative words to impress the kids. He has written one book completely in present tense since he was not sure whether the character is right or wrong. When you write for adults, no published will allow you to do in that manner. They follow some rules and strict conditions.

As the books remain funny, children take it anywhere and they enjoy reading wherever they go. He added that it was difficult to write for adults. You have to think about various constraints to make the plot perfect. With children’s book, you can write anything. Their brains are soft. They will be willing to accept anything. They do not read with any expectations. They will accept the world you are introducing them.

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