Philip Ardagh: Popular Children’s Author

JS34814110Philip Ardagh is a famous English children’s author. He is famous for Eddie Dickens collection of books. He has written hundreds of books of various genres that includes children’s nonfiction and adult fiction. He is a writer and radio personality. He was born in England and grew up with his brother. He was interviewed and asked several questions regarding his writing talents and experience.

When he was asked that remaining funny most times helped him to write tragedy. He answered he wanted to inspire people. He wanted them to feel just like how he feels. He added that it was simple to write in humorous form to tackle both sadness and serious subjects. He ensured to use funny words to bring a joy to the readers.

91gfnfZkziL._UX250_The best part of writing children’s book is you can write anything as your mind wish. You can write about tragedy, sadness and happiness. It should be expressed in write form and good shape. He was asked whether it is possible to learn and write in a funny way. He told that funny stories should come within you. It is not the thing that should be learned and employed.

If you learn the tricks, tactics and methods, you can easily write stories in humorous manner. It is not tough as you imagine. If you are humorous person, you can easily play with words that make people smile. He was asked how professional writers get to know lots of words and phrases. He told that writers should read and keep learning to update themselves. The person should remain at desk and think ways to write in an understandable tone. He focuses for about three hours a day to pen his stories. If he is planning for a new book, he will research and review. He will collect information to create the best book.