Philip Ardagh Books and Extracts

children-reading-books-bannerPhilip Ardagh spent his early years by working in an advertising agency. He worked as library assistant after he left his job in an advertising agency. While he was worked at the library, he got inspired to write children’s books. Awful End is the book that made him popular overnight. It was published in the year 2000. His writings are mostly humorous and funny. He has won several awards like Roald Dahl Funny award in the year 2009. He won for the seven to fourteen years category. He was given German Youth Literature Award that is Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis. He also won Luchs prize. He got the award in Germany by Die Zelt newspaper.

51vcEBQHvsL._SL300_Philip Ardagh is popular for creating wonderful and weird characters and settings. If you read his Brubtown books, you will enjoy each and every phrase. He is also a popular book reviewer. He has reviewed several children’s books. This knowledge has helped him to pen down several interesting and fascinating children’s books. He is married and has a son. He spends him time by spending equal for Grubtown and Tunbridge Wells. It is where he has grown his impressive beard. He was the guest editor for a leading website in May 2010.

The Grunts on the Run is illustrated by Axel Scheffler. It is a part of Grunts series. Philip Ardagh has written this book. It is about a family called Grunts. The story is hilarious. You will start to laugh as you read about the crazy family. It is mostly enjoyed by kids between seven and fourteen years age group. They would laugh from the beginning to the end as each page is written in humorous way. It is full of excitement, trouble and fun. When you follow the story, you can see the writer has added several jokes in the story.

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Three Authors Give Ideas to Write Children’s Book

CZgyCoUWAAAvWXfIt is not a simple task to write children’s book. You have to do sufficient research and gather knowledge before starting to write. Most authors who pen down funny books are always popular in the industry. They get instant recognition and remain famous for years. Nowadays, children enjoy reading funny books. They do not wish to read serious forms. Three famous children’s authors – Laura Dockrill, Cressida Cowell and Philip Ardagh share interesting tips and information on how to write a children’s book.

Mum reads the book to the children 2

Philip Ardagh commented that he enjoys listening to stories before writing a book. He usually says to other people what he is going to write before starting a new book. He added that children’s have excellent listening talent. Moreover, they have the softest brains. They do not know the difference between bad literature and good literature. He knows what children like and pens stories accordingly.

He added that Philip Pullman inspired him to write children’s stories. He has shared a great secret behind writing for children. When you write for children, you have lots of freedom. You would not have that freedom when you write for adults. You can try new tricks and creative words to impress the kids. He has written one book completely in present tense since he was not sure whether the character is right or wrong. When you write for adults, no published will allow you to do in that manner. They follow some rules and strict conditions.

As the books remain funny, children take it anywhere and they enjoy reading wherever they go. He added that it was difficult to write for adults. You have to think about various constraints to make the plot perfect. With children’s book, you can write anything. Their brains are soft. They will be willing to accept anything. They do not read with any expectations. They will accept the world you are introducing them.

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Things to Learn from Philip Ardagh

500Philip Ardagh is a renowned writer in residence. His writing entertains children. He is famous for his wonderful humorous writing. When he was asked how he would react when his friend asked him to review his/her writing, he gave a brilliant answer. He told that he would ask few minutes for reading the book. After time has elapsed, he would see the conclusion and appreciate his friend that they have written an excellent. This way, the friendship would always be strong. There is no chance for defeat.

philip-ardaghHe appreciates Michael Rosen. He says he is the real hero for children’s poetry. He added that Michael Rosen possesses certain remarkable characteristics. It includes boundless enthusiasm, an amazing smile, a magnificent mind and crazy eyes. He also added that Michael Rosen has the talent of getting into child’s head through his writings. He did easily without any surgical training. He has the talent to write poems, simple rhymes and stories for children. He can easily enter into children’s pretty world and write all kinds of stuff.

Philip Ardagh feels impressed with Michael Rosen’s writings and the way he expresses his words in form of poem or story. If you want to write realistic dialogue, it is best to keep reading Philip Ardagh’s books and stories. You can get lot of ideas to write dialogue.

In most of his books, the conversations are simple and up to the point. It is easy understood by children. It is the reason children love to read his books. He writes exactly how children think and imagine. He adds sufficient humorous words to make them smile while reading. His stories have exciting and impressive character. It is mostly unique and unusual. The characters remain apt to the background. When you see his stories in minute manner, you will find the same titles in most of his books. The illustrations are awesome.

Biography and Life of Philip Ardagh

philip-ardagh (1)Philip Ardagh was born in the year 1961. He is a popular children’s book author. In the early 1980’s, he was working as a writer in a leading advertising agency. Philip Ardagh has also worked as librarian, hospital cleaner and reader for blind people. One of the honorable awards received by Philip Ardagh is Luchs prize award in the year 2003 in Germany. He has written nonfiction like ‘History’s great inventors’ for young readers.

philip-ardagh-russell-brandPhilip Ardagh has written lots of children’s book. It is said he has written more than sixty books. He has translated his book into twenty-five languages to make it accessible for people around the world. When you read his nonfiction books, he would have chosen topics like archaeology and history. Philip Ardagh is famous for his two popular books ‘Unlively exploits’ and ‘Eddie Dickens.’ These are two famous serious that made his renowned overnight.

Philip Ardagh is filled with authorial whispers and off the wall comedy. It was said that he has the combination of Charles Dickens and Monty Python. He grew up with his brother. He was sent to a private school during his adolescent. He was looking small almost like a beanpole during his young age. He was not interested much about sports but bookish. He remained as an easy target for other kids to tease and make fun. He was made fun by kids of his same age groups. While mingling with them, he developed an excellent sense of humor. He learned to tease and make jokes from others. He was interesting in knowing about how each thing work. He explored the working procedure of archaeological sites to castles. His story got published in a school magazine. It was the time he came to know that he has an excellent flare for writing. He wrote a short story on monster.

How to Write Books for Children?

summer_reading.jpg__631x0_q85It is great to learn the knack and tactics of writing children’s books. Though it is a challenging task, it can make you as an accomplished writer. The main part is you should know how to attract kids through your writings. You should attract them in short span. If your story is boring or too long, children may lose interest to read your book.

When you want to write children’s book, you should know what they like and what kind of words they understand. It is best to include creative presentations and colourful images in your children’s book. It can help them to understand more and more about the subject you are talking about. It is important to have some general idea about the way they think and like. You should be passionate about writing.

If you do it for namesake, it is hard for you to achieve big in this industry. When you write in good happy mood, you can enjoy your writings as well as children enjoy while they are reading. You need to read popular books written for children and try to read them. You can get an idea how it is written. You can take out the good points and include in your writing style.

Starter Guidelines for Writing Adults and Children’s Stories

AJSLP_24_4_717fig0Spend enough time with children. When you spend with them, you will learn a lot about them. It is necessary to know their way of speaking and communication. It will help you in writing a perfect book for children. If you express your story in your style, they may not understand. You have to write by thinking as a child. It is how famous writers like Philip Ardagh pen down children’s book.

mom-reading-to-boy-300x300They include lot of interesting and impressive character. He has the talent to write in humorous tone. It has helped him to attract kids easily. He was an intense curious person. His writing talent was exhibited at the age of six. The story was well appreciated and published in his school magazine.

Think what you want to write. It can be either nonfiction or fiction. Some writers like to write fiction. They have a thinking that nonfiction is boring and tedious to read. If you are a creative person, you can easily make nonfiction interesting for kids. You can join a writing group or take some writing classes. It is an excellent option to enroll in a workshop. You can learn several knacks and technique for writing children’s books.

Philip Ardagh: Popular Children’s Author

JS34814110Philip Ardagh is a famous English children’s author. He is famous for Eddie Dickens collection of books. He has written hundreds of books of various genres that includes children’s nonfiction and adult fiction. He is a writer and radio personality. He was born in England and grew up with his brother. He was interviewed and asked several questions regarding his writing talents and experience.

When he was asked that remaining funny most times helped him to write tragedy. He answered he wanted to inspire people. He wanted them to feel just like how he feels. He added that it was simple to write in humorous form to tackle both sadness and serious subjects. He ensured to use funny words to bring a joy to the readers.

91gfnfZkziL._UX250_The best part of writing children’s book is you can write anything as your mind wish. You can write about tragedy, sadness and happiness. It should be expressed in write form and good shape. He was asked whether it is possible to learn and write in a funny way. He told that funny stories should come within you. It is not the thing that should be learned and employed.

If you learn the tricks, tactics and methods, you can easily write stories in humorous manner. It is not tough as you imagine. If you are humorous person, you can easily play with words that make people smile. He was asked how professional writers get to know lots of words and phrases. He told that writers should read and keep learning to update themselves. The person should remain at desk and think ways to write in an understandable tone. He focuses for about three hours a day to pen his stories. If he is planning for a new book, he will research and review. He will collect information to create the best book.