Reasons Why a Storybook Wall Mural in Your Kids’ Room Is a Great Idea

Adding a mural to your child’s room is a great and inexpensive way to add colour and character to the room. You can change it every few months depending on what your child is reading at the moment. You don’t have to worry because you can create a mural from different materials, for example, stick-ons, appliques, and cut outs.

For more fun and excitement, you can also spray paint the mural and ask help from your kids so they can better express their creativity. A storybook mural will not be complete without air spray, and the best stationary air compressor can help you have a steady hand and a more polished design. Of course, if you want to make it more elaborate, feel free to do so.

There are two compelling reasons why a storybook mural is a great addition to a kid’s room. For one, it fosters an appreciation for art and encourages children to be creative. They can add lines to the story or draw additional characters over time. This also allows your child to express his or her emotions through art.

Second is that it boosts a child’s interest in reading. Having a new mural every six months or once a year makes your child want to read more stories and books. The younger the child is exposed to storybooks the earlier he will be interested in reading longer narratives. This is something that will be carried on as your child grows up.

Eventually, your child will outgrow the storybook phase and may want to decorate the room with something more personal. It may not be as creative, colourful, or appealing to the eyes, but the important thing is that they are allowed to express what they think and feel in a healthier way.

While they are young though, it is imperative that parents guide them on how storybook murals are created. It is also necessary to buy non-toxic paint and other child-friendly materials for all projects. Safety is key at all times.

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Reading in the Garden – One of Life’s Special Joys

There are times when you don’t want to leave your house, head towards the garden and read a book. It might be a simple activity, but it is very satisfying. There are a lot of people who feel this way. It is totally understandable. Considering the stress that life has to offer, it would be nice to have a quiet moment where no one speaks with you or tells you to get back to work. You are on your own, quietly reading your favorite novel. It is as if you are being transported to a different dimension.

Ask yourself how often you do this. There are times when you are too caught up with work or problems at home that you no longer have the time to just sit down and read your favorite books. You are always on the go. You keep attending to problems at work and at home.

You deserve this moment

Every once in a while, find a way to just sit on a chair in your garden and read a book. You have been too stressed out with life. You are constantly thinking about things. This is the kind of break you need. It doesn’t cost you money and you don’t have to waste time traveling.

Even if you just spend an hour or two each week to just sit on the garden and read, it would be great. You may also take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature. Feel the ray of sunshine on your face and the breeze kissing your cheeks.

Most of us no longer get this special moment. If you want to avoid stress and just appreciate life, this is exactly the kind of activity that you need.

Make the place perfect

Of course, you want your garden to look amazing for this type of activity. Have the place cleaned up. Buy new patio furniture. You may also ask your gardener to trim the lawn. Get a new lawn mower by checking out information from

Once everything is perfect, you can read for as long as you want. Enjoy!

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What Makes a Great Children’s Book?

book-1836380_640There are a lot of factors that can help make a great children’s book. If you are planning to buy one to read to your child, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration:

  1. Strong characters. It is easier for the child to remember the story if the characters are strong and they have distinct personalities. You might see kids who really adore superheroes. They want someone whom they can easily identify even if they have already read other books.
  2. Moral values. The main reason why you carefully pick the type of book your child reads is because you want only those with positive moral values invoked in the story. You want your child to learn from these values and apply them in real life. Usually, children’s books have strong moral lessons. It’s just that some others are more creative in bringing out that lesson. There are books with several lessons taught.
  3. Great illustrations. You also need something that won’t bore your kids. You want them to learn not just by reading but by also identifying the photos. They will also be more interested to finish reading the book if there are photos in it. They will also ask more questions or be more curious about the story if they see lots of photos.
  4. Vocabulary expansion. You need to give books that will not only help your child improve his affective aspect, but also his cognitive learning. Expanding his vocabulary and accuracy in spelling are among the most basic tasks that he can learn from reading a book. Therefore, the book must have a way of helping kids out in expanding their knowledge on the meaning of various words.

Once you have found the best children’s books, don’t hesitate to buy them. You can start at a young age. This is true even if they don’t necessarily understand what you are reading. Eventually, they will be inspired to read on their own and develop such a habit.

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The Most Inspiring Places for a Writer

the-most-inspiring-places-for-a-writerThere are instances when even the best writers couldn’t write a word. It happens when the writer isn’t inspired. If you aspire to be a great writer, you need to explore the world and find the best places that could inspire you. Here are some of them.

1. Library

It might sound like a cliché, but the library is in fact the perfect spot for writers. It is quiet and there are rules observed. People work independently. Should you need resources to improve your work, you can easily pick them up on the shelves. Some libraries even allow people to sleep. If you need a break after forcing yourself to think hard, then feel free to do so.

2. Your backyard

You don’t even have to leave your house to get inspired. Who would not feel great being on their backyard while feeling the breeze of the wind blowing on their face on a nice sunny afternoon while seated on a comfortable wicker chair or even on an air mattress? Every writer must have an area at home for them to get inspired. Your backyard could be your sweet spot. Why not put up a tent or build a fort and get the best air mattress for camping so it’s nice in comfy in your zone?

3. Train

You might have heard of the Amtrak residency program where aspiring writers get free tickets just to sit on a train and write. The train has all the elements to make you feel inspired. To begin with, you get that feeling of excitement. Traveling long distances by land and not knowing what to expect along the way is a great feeling. You might meet strangers whom you will learn something from. You can just be on your couch while staring at the beauty of nature. Before you know it, you have already created the best words to produce a masterpiece.

4. Beach

Everyone loves to be on the beach. Not everyone comes to the beach to work though. As a writer, it is a perfect spot to come up with something amazing. You feel relaxed. You can just sit on the shore while feeling the breeze on your face and touching the sand with your feet. You see people doing tons of different activities. You can learn from everything you see, touch and feel.

5. Anywhere outdoors

Do you feel proud every time you accomplish something that is seemingly impossible outdoors? For instance, you might have finished a 5-hour long trek or climb a steep mountain. For sure, you have something to write about these experiences. Dare to try the impossible and go beyond your boundaries. The outdoors has a lot to offer and as a writer, it is for you to explore.

Hopefully, you will get inspired to write better as you head to these places.

Staying Productive While Writing at Home

Staying Productive While Writing at HomeIf you’re a writer working at home, the benefits are clear – no commute, being able to work at your own pace, pursuing what you love while staying close to family. It is a dream of many to be able to work at home and writing is a career that can offer the ability to follow that dream. It is not without its challenges, however, and does require a certain amount of discipline to make it a success.

As with any creative endeavor, there are moments when inspiration seems to be at a standstill. Whether you call it writer’s block or something else, it is very frustrating and, if it continues, can be detrimental to your productivity. If you notice yourself falling into a slump where the words are not flowing, consider exercise to rev up your brain cells and get things moving again.

Exercise may not be the first thing you think of in terms of writing productivity, but there are many mental health benefits that go along with regular exercise which can be especially beneficial to writers, including:

Increased Creativity

A good workout that increases your heart rate can boost creativity for up to two hours. If you are able to work out outside, even better. The vitamin D obtained from the sun helps in boosting mood and is a health benefit in itself. But if you prefer to stay indoors, look up the best ellipticals for home use and invest in one. This type of exercise machine is an excellent choice if you want to get a full body workout indoors.

Higher Productivity

Research shows that those who make time for regular exercise have more energy and are more productive than whose who do not. While it may be difficult to take the time to squeeze in a workout, you may find that your productivity is increased, making the workout time a wise investment to your career.

More Brainpower

Cardiovascular exercise has been shown to improve brain performance and even create new brain cells, a benefit nearly all of us can use. Regular exercise is believed to help with higher thinking, learning and decision making. These are benefits not only to your writing, but to life in general.

Other Benefits

Regular physical exercise has numerous other benefits including reduced stress and anxiety, increased mood and self-confidence and reduction of cognitive decline. All these benefits, in addition to the well-known physical benefits of exercise, make it a win-win for everyone.

If you find yourself struggling for that next idea, phrase or even word, stop pounding your head and head outside for a walk or run. You will be increasing your brainpower, productivity and creativity all at once while doing something good for your body. Find time to exercise and see the difference it can make!

With All the Technology these Days, Do Kids Read Any More?

With All the Technology these Days, Do Kids Read Any MoreThere was a time not long ago when trying to get children away from the television set was near the top of the list of children’s behavioral problems. With the latest technologies, children, regardless of age, find ways to carry their personal TV sets with them. There are Kindle Fore for Kids, smartphones, and tablet computers to contend with that sometimes, even the best electric longboard can’t get them out of the house.

One reigning concern of parents isn’t the amount of time kids use their technology, but whether or not their reading skills are deteriorating – or even existent at all. Technology can partly be blamed as the mobility and portability of computing devices makes visual learning much easier. YouTube is said to have 100,000 uploads to its site per day. There is a lot to watch out there.

Learning by video clips is not always a bad thing, but to survive in the modern world you will need a good grasp of the English language in writing. There are always forms to fill out, instructions to be read, and being able to read what is communicated to you in an e-mail or written memo.

Some reading is being done by kids. Twitter messages are a maximum of 140 characters, though most tweets don’t hit that number because it takes too long to read. There is also a fair amount of reading done when shopping online, most likely customer reviews and similar information. But those blurbs are rarely more than 200 word articles.

If we are talking about reading books that have actual chapters and literary value, then the answer to the question may dishearten many parents and teachers. Several years ago a study was done to determine the attention span of the average YouTube viewer. The median number of minutes was about 7.5. Recent studies now put that number at under 5 minutes.

The major issue does seem to be attention span, as indicated by the recent sales of the Harry Potter series, which sold more than 1.3 million books in 2015. Children may be reading them on their tablets or e-readers, but the interest in Harry Potter books at least is still there. The challenge before parents and teachers is to find books that will pique the interest of children and get them to get engrossed in books that require an attention span of longer than 5 minutes.

What the difference is between a video and a book is the use of the imagination. Readers have to create in their own minds the places and people they are encountering. Visual media prepares it for them and music videos are another way to take the imaginative process away from kids.

Comparing the days when kids had to be forcibly removed from the front of the TV set, the reason was that the child’s imagination was constantly activated, either through cartoon animation or wondering, “How do they do that?” Looking around you will see that the movies that are at the top of the list in popularity today are animations. Kids and reading have always been two peas in a pod. Video can get boring, while the right book can keep your mind engaged for hours.

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Philip Ardagh Books and Extracts

children-reading-books-bannerPhilip Ardagh spent his early years by working in an advertising agency. He worked as library assistant after he left his job in an advertising agency. While he was worked at the library, he got inspired to write children’s books. Awful End is the book that made him popular overnight. It was published in the year 2000. His writings are mostly humorous and funny. He has won several awards like Roald Dahl Funny award in the year 2009. He won for the seven to fourteen years category. He was given German Youth Literature Award that is Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis. He also won Luchs prize. He got the award in Germany by Die Zelt newspaper.

51vcEBQHvsL._SL300_Philip Ardagh is popular for creating wonderful and weird characters and settings. If you read his Brubtown books, you will enjoy each and every phrase. He is also a popular book reviewer. He has reviewed several children’s books. This knowledge has helped him to pen down several interesting and fascinating children’s books. He is married and has a son. He spends him time by spending equal for Grubtown and Tunbridge Wells. It is where he has grown his impressive beard. He was the guest editor for a leading website in May 2010.

The Grunts on the Run is illustrated by Axel Scheffler. It is a part of Grunts series. Philip Ardagh has written this book. It is about a family called Grunts. The story is hilarious. You will start to laugh as you read about the crazy family. It is mostly enjoyed by kids between seven and fourteen years age group. They would laugh from the beginning to the end as each page is written in humorous way. It is full of excitement, trouble and fun. When you follow the story, you can see the writer has added several jokes in the story.

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Three Authors Give Ideas to Write Children’s Book

CZgyCoUWAAAvWXfIt is not a simple task to write children’s book. You have to do sufficient research and gather knowledge before starting to write. Most authors who pen down funny books are always popular in the industry. They get instant recognition and remain famous for years. Nowadays, children enjoy reading funny books. They do not wish to read serious forms. Three famous children’s authors – Laura Dockrill, Cressida Cowell and Philip Ardagh share interesting tips and information on how to write a children’s book.

Mum reads the book to the children 2

Philip Ardagh commented that he enjoys listening to stories before writing a book. He usually says to other people what he is going to write before starting a new book. He added that children’s have excellent listening talent. Moreover, they have the softest brains. They do not know the difference between bad literature and good literature. He knows what children like and pens stories accordingly.

He added that Philip Pullman inspired him to write children’s stories. He has shared a great secret behind writing for children. When you write for children, you have lots of freedom. You would not have that freedom when you write for adults. You can try new tricks and creative words to impress the kids. He has written one book completely in present tense since he was not sure whether the character is right or wrong. When you write for adults, no published will allow you to do in that manner. They follow some rules and strict conditions.

As the books remain funny, children take it anywhere and they enjoy reading wherever they go. He added that it was difficult to write for adults. You have to think about various constraints to make the plot perfect. With children’s book, you can write anything. Their brains are soft. They will be willing to accept anything. They do not read with any expectations. They will accept the world you are introducing them.

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Things to Learn from Philip Ardagh

500Philip Ardagh is a renowned writer in residence. His writing entertains children. He is famous for his wonderful humorous writing. When he was asked how he would react when his friend asked him to review his/her writing, he gave a brilliant answer. He told that he would ask few minutes for reading the book. After time has elapsed, he would see the conclusion and appreciate his friend that they have written an excellent. This way, the friendship would always be strong. There is no chance for defeat.

philip-ardaghHe appreciates Michael Rosen. He says he is the real hero for children’s poetry. He added that Michael Rosen possesses certain remarkable characteristics. It includes boundless enthusiasm, an amazing smile, a magnificent mind and crazy eyes. He also added that Michael Rosen has the talent of getting into child’s head through his writings. He did easily without any surgical training. He has the talent to write poems, simple rhymes and stories for children. He can easily enter into children’s pretty world and write all kinds of stuff.

Philip Ardagh feels impressed with Michael Rosen’s writings and the way he expresses his words in form of poem or story. If you want to write realistic dialogue, it is best to keep reading Philip Ardagh’s books and stories. You can get lot of ideas to write dialogue.

In most of his books, the conversations are simple and up to the point. It is easy understood by children. It is the reason children love to read his books. He writes exactly how children think and imagine. He adds sufficient humorous words to make them smile while reading. His stories have exciting and impressive character. It is mostly unique and unusual. The characters remain apt to the background. When you see his stories in minute manner, you will find the same titles in most of his books. The illustrations are awesome.